Din indkøbskurv er tom


Beauty Remedy er en special blanding af hydrolyseret marine kollagen, pulveriserede bær og mikroindkapslet tang.
Marine kollagen er udvundet af vildtfanget torsk fra bæredygtigt fiskeri i det nordlige Atlanterhav. Vi har blandet kollagenpulveret med bærpulver fra solbær, blåbær, aronia og acerola. Blandingen har et højt indhold af vitamin C. Vitamin C bidrager til normal dannelse af kollagen, der har betydning for normalt fungerende knogler, brusk, tandkød, tænder, hud og blodkar. Vitamin C bidrager yderligere også til at beskytte cellerne imod oxidativt stress. Der er desuden tilsat vildthøstet tang, da tang indeholder jod. Jod bidrager til at vedligeholde en normal hud, et normalt energistofskifte, en normal skjoldbruskkirtelfunktion og produktion af skjoldbruskkirtelhormoner. Dette sørger for mineral- og vitaminindholdet i dehydreret bær er langt højere sammenlignet med friske bær. Pr dosserings ske svare det til 12g friske mørke bær.

You can use any USB Type-C cable to connect your Seoul speakers to your PC/MAC. This cable runs from the computer's USB outlet (depending on how old your device is, you may need to purchase an adapter) to the line-in socket of your Seoul speaker.

Our app does not currently support our older products. Use the touchpad on H9i or the middle button on H8i to control the play/pause function. The way you wear the headphone will also affect the functionality of the automatic play/pause.


First, switch your device and B&O PLAY Bluetooth speaker on. Then press the Bluetooth button on the B&O PLAY Bluetooth speaker for more than 2 seconds. When the product indicator starts flashing blue, find the B&O PLAY Bluetooth speaker in the Bluetooth list on your device and select it. When a sound prompt is heard on the speaker and the product indicator turns solid blue, the two are paired.

If you're experiencing an issue connecting the Beoplay A1 to your device, checkout the documentation and solutions below:

Interference with the Bluetooth signal – Bluetooth operates in the 2402 to 2480 MHz range and may be disturbed by other 2.4 GHz networks (e.g. WiFi routers and networks, wireless keyboards, mouse, etc). Turn off or remove other Bluetooth connections in the surrounding area, then try connecting again. Alternatively, go to another location, such as an elevator or outside, that has less Bluetooth noise from other products to test your connection.

Distance between the E8 and Bluetooth device - Face the front of your product towards the Bluetooth transmitting device (max distance is 10 meters and line-of-sight). Note that the Bluetooth antenna must be in your right earbud.

E8 Bluetooth receiver in the right earbud – If you wear a sports watch (e.g. an Apple watch) on your left wrist and are experiencing dropout issues, we recommended moving the watch to your right wrist.

To remove all paired devices from any of our speakers, press and hold the Bluetooth button and the power button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. This resets the speaker to factory settings and the speaker will be in pairing mode when you turn it back on.